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Reflection (week 12) : The Final Class


Without realizing it, today is our final class. It’s time for us to say goodbye to Dr. Rosseni, Encik Helmi, Puan Hazrati, Encik Yusuf and others for this sem. I’m looking forward to met all of you again in future!

Before that, there are two groups re-present their video. Those videos have been improved. They are better! I’m so proud of them, they manage to do all of the works in a short time. Dr. Rosseni and Encik Helmi did some comments on the videos and ask them to improve more. It’s for our own betterment rite?

Then, we take our group photo with Dr. Rosseni and Encik Helmi. Yay!

I love Educational Technology! I love this subject very much! Heheh

Thank you Dr. Rosseni, Encik Helmi, Puan Hazrati, Encik Faisal, Encik Yusuf and all those that involved in educate us. We’re appreciate your efforts very much! No words can express my gratitude to all of you. *Bow

May Allah always bless all of you.

Wish we luck in our final exam and our future as a teacher.

Reflection (Week 11) : The Presentation


Our big day finally came. All of us were very nervous. We put a lot of effort in this video. And before we entered Dewan Budiman, we really hope Dr. Rosseni and Encik Helmi will like it.

Somehow, i felt relieved when Dr. Rosseni want to discussed about the past year question first. I didn’t know about the news that she posted before because I didn’t online yet that day. So, I left my paper at my room and had to shared it with my friends. Dr. Rosseni gaves a lots of tips for the exam.

And the moment that we all waited for. The PRESENTATION of the Ultimate Journey!  Dr. Rosseni gave us evaluation forms to evaluate our friends. It was a hard task! Our group were the last. So, we watched our friends’ videos first. All of the videos were interesting in their own way. Students from other course started to gather around when the third group had their presentation. And when we finished presenting our video, the whole hall were full! That was embarrassing! I wonder what does the students from the other courses think of our video.

The Ultimate Journey by The Millions Steps

*This is our video but it is not finalize it. I will post the final one when it is ready!

When it all over, we were very happy. Dr. Rosseni and Encik Helmi even praised our work. We are so proud of our “baby”. But some of us need to improve on some parts. Here and there including us, I think,  personally. All of us really did very good job!  Thank all!

The satisfied faces.

Special Reflection (week 10) : Day 3 – Workshop


It was the final day for our workshop. Everyone else was enjoying their weekend on their bed, waking up late but us were ready to gain more knowledge from our dearest ‘sifu’! yay!

Encik Helmi waking us up from dreams and half-sleeping by introduced us to Adobe Premiere Pro. It is a more complex software compare to Window Movie Maker but in a good way. Based on Wikipedia, Adobe Premiere Pro is :

Adobe Premiere Pro is a timeline-based video editing software application. It is part of the Adobe Creative Suite, a suite of graphic designvideo editing, and web development applications developed by Adobe Systems, though it can also be purchased separately. When purchased separately, it comes bundled with Adobe Media EncoderAdobe Encore, and Adobe OnLocation. Premiere Pro supports many video editing cards and plug-ins for accelerated processing, additional file format support, and video/audio effects. 

Sample picture

It was seriously hard to digest! But we were able to get used to it after that. Encik Helmi was very helpful by giving a lots of example for us. He repeated the steps if any of us were left behind. He is very thoughtful. This software too is a new thing to me.

After that, Encik Helmi brought us deeper into Adobe Photoshop. He exposed to us on how to edit the image based on the saturation, hue and more. It is so much more to learn. I am very excited to learn about Adobe Photoshop on my own in future.

More functions available

After that, Dr. Rosseni let us work in our own group, doing all the uncomplete works. She gaves us the oppurtunity to ask they anything that we don’t understand at that time because that day was our final lecture before our big day, the presentation.

So, as a dedicated students all of us did our works.

Vanessa and I

Pei Si


Vanessa and I were planning to stay there until 5 pm but they close the computer lab early that day. Too bad. We cannot continued our work there.

The final day of the workshop was very interesting. We managed to get help from Encik Helmi things that  related to our video production. And he successfully help us and because of that, we can planned our video as  we imagined. Thank you Encik Helmi for the globe!

It was undeniable a wonderful experience for all of us. We gained a lot of knowledge during the workshop and sharpen our skill in ICT field.

Oh, Dr. Rosseni prepared our breakfast and lunch too. Yay! We appreciate you kindness Dr. Thank you.

and thank you all!

Special Reflection (week 9) : Day 2 – Workshop


It was the first day of our workshop! It was very fun and interesting. I love it! And surprisingly, Dr. Rosseni prepared free food for us, breakfast and lunch! yay! Thank you for all your hard work Dr. Rosseni!

We started our day with Adobe Photoshop tutorials by En Faisal. We had our experience with Adobe Photoshop when we were ask  to create a poster by Dr. Ravichandran for our assignment in subject of Malaysia in Narration. So, this basic tutorial was like a recall exercise for me and it was useful.

We were asked to do a lot of thing using the photoshop, to familiarize us  to the use of the software. Here are some pictures on my activities.



And then I just paste it here and there. Make a combination of my pictures.

Later, Dr. Rosseni asked us to create our own banner based on what Encik Faisal had tought us. I had some rough idea and did not make it to finish before the session ended. I will posted the banner that i’ll create later.

After lunch. Encik Helmi conducted the class. That day, he explained more on video transfer, video editing, audio editing and finalizing our video. Encik Helmi introduced a few software that are suitable to be use for our video production such as Window Movie Maker and Adobe Premiere.

Encik Helmi exposed to us the way to attract audience to our movie ; through transition, effect, music and many more. Those elements prevent our video became dull and people become  bored when they watch it. After adding all the effects and all, we need to finalize the video. It is important to know which size or format we want to save our video to to prevent complication in future.

Next is about Adobe Soundbooth CS4. It is a audio editing software. It enable us to edit the sound using our own creativity. It has many interesting functions. I am new to this software, never use it before. So, the learning process is a little bit slow but En Helmi help us a lot.

Sample picture

And then Encik Helmi showed us the software that everyone familiar with, Window Movie Maker.

The effects

Workshop ended around 3 pm. We had a very informative day. We learnt so many things that can help us to improve our video production. Dr. Rosseni and others are very helpful to us.

Special Reflection (Week 8) : Day 1 – Field Trip


It’s a brand new week and WE WENT TO A FIELD TRIP! wuuuhuuuuu! I love field trip! The location is Putrajaya. All of us went there including Dr. Rosseni. En.Helmi, Puan Hazrati, Encik Yusuf and some faces that are new to me. Encik Faisal, Dr.Rosseni’s son lead our session that day.

Rain started to pour not long after we reached Kementerian Perbendaharaan Malaysia. And we took cover outside of their building.  One of the guard there “interviewed” me (along with the others maybe). He ask where do we come from, why are we here, blablabla. After I explained that we’re there just to take some pictures for academic purposes and for shelter from the rains, I can sense that his facial expression change. He thought that us gathered there to make some demonstration or something, illegal. That was a very “alien” experience for me, being accused like that. Haha.

It was raining cats and dogs that day.

Everything runs normally after that. Encik Faisal explained to us about the function that can be found when we’re using DSLR. We recieved one DSLR each group. He explained about ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture and other functions to us. All the information are interesting. I had learnt a little bit about those functions before since I owned a semi-pro camera. But all the detailed explanation do gave me extra valuable information.

Meet Encik Faisal everyone! 🙂

And after the not-very-short-but-inetersting brief, we’re given the chance to experience we ourselves taking pictures using DSLR cameras.  And I definitely don’t want to loose this opportunity!

As soon as the rain started to stop, we continued our journey to the next place. And guess what we were going to the famous Masjid Besi! or formally known as

We had our early dinner here and after everyone perform their prayers, we went to the garden upstairs. It is TERRIFIC! I remembered the gate was in a movie before but I forgot which movie. Hehe. We took some pictures there. “Camwhoring” as people nowadays said it.

The beautiful gate that i saw in a movie before.

This mosque is all about its beautiful structure.

Amazing garden on the roof.

and more garden inside!

Encik Helmi touched on mobile augmented reality there too. He showed us more here because it was restricted to show example while we were in class. It was interesting because we can see many places been marked here. He prepared some ipad for us to use. Too bad nobody did not took my picture while holding the ipad while searching for the places. hehe

Vanessa using the ipad in applying the mobile augmented reality.

And then we went to Tasik Pullman. We only managed to take some pictures before we been chase away by a guard for trespassing. Haha. It was funny. No one allowed to entered the lake after 6 pm.

And our final destination was Pasar Malam. We bought our dinner there and I managed to bought some mango, Satay and Apam Balik – my mum favourite pasar malam’s food. ahhh. I miss her.


Fried Chicken

We went home happily and tired after one whole day of adventure. It was a very meaningful journey. We learnt many new things. En Faisal and Encik Helmi helped us a lot today. I hope experience like this are more to come in the future so that the students can apply all the theories that we learnt in class.